Loyalty Apps for Coffee Shops

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In app loyalty card scheme will keep customers returning

Reward Customers With A Loyalty Card App

A Sappsuma coffee shop app includes simple but powerful loyalty software. Incentivise customers to return again and again.

Loyalty QR codes increase customer retention and spend

Scan a QR code to check in. Redeem instantly. Track statistics.

Multiple branches? No problem

Use the same loyalty scheme in one branch, or multiple. Sappsuma multi-venue apps are incredibly powerful – giving you complete control on a per venue or national basis.

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Use Push Messages To Market Your Coffee Shop

Push messaging is the most effective direct marketing available today.

Push messages are free and unlimited!

Push messages have been proven to be more effective than SMS marketing.

Automate your coffee shop promotions by scheduling push messages.

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Use free push messages to drive sales.

Intuitive client dashboard lets you control your coffee shop app.

Simple App Management

Coffee Shop apps from Sappsuma are controlled using our intuitive and powerful client management area.

Track App Statistics

View advanced analytics detailing number of app downloads, opens per day, referrals and much more.

Updated daily you will always know how customers are engaging with your coffee shop app.

Full access to your app

Take control of your app. Information, promotions, prices, push messaging can all be controlled instantly using the client management interface.

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Social Media Marketing Made Easy

App users are encouraged to share your app, and business, using Facebook and Twitter. Your app will become an integral part of your social media marketing strategy.

Incentivise recommendations

With one click to recommend we make it easy for customers to share you with their friends. Take your app viral and increase sales.

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Gain more Facebook likes and Twitter followers by linking social media with your app.

Coffee shop apps contain many features all designed to grow business.

Feature Packed

Every feature included in our apps for coffee shops have been developed to grow your business.

Display all your relevant information such as your opening hours, location with driving directions, special offers and more.

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