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Push messages can be used to drive retail footfall.

Increase Retail Sales Using Push Messages

Your app will be integral to your sales strategy.

Use push messages to drive footfall and increase sales.

Push messages instantly sent to app users.

Push messaging is free and unlimited

Push messaging is proven to be more effective than SMS marketing.

Send promotions and special offers to existing and new customers.

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Promote Your Latest Product Lines

Displaying your latest lines with the in-built gallery will result in increased retail sales.

Upload images using your advanced client interface or use Instagram to upload images directly from the app.

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Upload images of your latest products instantly.

Reward customers for social media recommendations.

Social Media Advertising

Your app will complete your social media marketing strategy.

Allow happy customers to recommend your retail business on Facebook and Twitter.

Incentivised recommendations

Improve on word of mouth advertising!

Our apps for retail make recommendations easy with one click to recommend.

Customers can be rewarded for recommendations.

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Advanced App Management

Sappsuma apps for retail businesses are managed using our powerful client management area and apps.

Track App Downloads

Analytics allow you to monitor the success of your retail app. Daily statistics include – app downloads, referrals, daily app opens, voucher redemptions and much more.

Take Control of you Retail App

Edit retail prices instantly; manage loyalty; and automate marketing with full support.

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View your apps activity and see which promotions are receiving the most interest.

All retail app features are developed to increase retail sales.

Incredible Features

Our apps for retail businesses are full of features designed to increase retail sales

Show your address with directions, special offers, latest product lines, and more.

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