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Allow Easy After School Bookings

Make it easy for students to book after school activities.

Integrate with an existing scheduling system or use ours

If you currently have online booking - we can build it into your app giving students a convenient way to book activities directly.

Send students reminders

Send free automated push messages and emails to confirm students activities.

Powerful API

Our API connects apps for schools with third party scheduling software providers for real time availability and confirmation.

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Send Push Messages Directly To Parents And Students

Use Push Messaging To Stay In Touch With Parents And Students

Push messages are instantly sent to app users.

Push messaging is free and unlimited

Push messages are proven to be more effective than SMS marketing.

Send school events, school news, parents information instantly to app users.

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Social Media Integration

Your app will integrate with your social media.

Encourage parents to recommend you via Facebook and Twitter. Increase likes, follows and user engagement.

Incentivised recommendations

Improve on word of mouth!

Our apps for schools make recommendations easy with one click to recommend.

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Simple App Management

Sappsuma apps for schools are managed using the intuitive yet powerful client management area.

Track App Downloads

Analytics allow you to monitor the success of your schools app. Daily statistics include – app downloads, referrals, daily app opens and much more.

Take Control of your School App

Edit all app data instantly using the advanced client interface or we will do it for you with 24 hour support.

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Incredible Features

Our apps for schools are full of features designed to increase student and parent engagement.

Show your address with driving directions, latest news, and much more.

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