Apps for Tattoo Studios

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Display your greatest tattoo designs with the in built gallery

Showcase Your Work

Display your best designs with the in-built app tattoo gallery.

Upload images using the powerful client interface or Instagram.

Allow customers to proudly upload their own photos to your tattoo app.

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Increase Bookings With The In-Built Booking System

Make it easy for customers to request appointments directly from your tattoo app.

Use an existing online booking system or use the in-built app booking

Integrate your existing scheduling system within your tattoo app – giving your customers a convenient way to book online appointments.

Remind customers of upcoming appointments by utilising automated push messages.

Reduce missed appointments and increase tattoo profits.

Powerful Management API

Connecting our advanced API to third party scheduling systems allows for real time appointment booking and confirmations.

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Customers can book appointments directly from your tattoo app

Increase your social media presence  with an app

Use Social Media Marketing To Grow Your App User Base

Incentivize and reward your customers for sharing your app via social media. Create an online viral buzz around your tattoo studio and use this to drive business.

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Full App Management

Control your tattoo studio app using the powerful client management area.

Monitor Tattoo App Success

Review daily analytics and adjust your tattoo app activity. See how many phone calls, tattoo bookings and customer referrals you receive.

Take Control of your App

You have full control to edit the contents of your app – artists details, pricing and more; automate your marketing.

We even provide 24 hour support for tattoo artists.

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Update your app instantly using your client dashboard

All your tattoo studio information contained within your app

Amazing Features

Our apps for tattoo studios include multiple features all designed to grow your studio business.

An app for your tattoo studio will be more useful than your website.

Display opening hours, location with driving directions, special offers, events & news.

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