Apps for Veterinary Practices

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Allow customers to schedule appointments from your app.

Integrate Online Booking For Veterinary Practices

Display your treatments and accept booking requests direct from your app.

Integrate with existing scheduling software or use ours

If you currently use online booking - we can build it into your app giving patients a quick and convenient way to book appointments from their smartphone.

Send patient reminders

Send free push message appointment reminders - make sure patients never miss another appointment.

Powerful Management API

Our API connects apps for veterinary practices with third party software providers to your app for real time availability and confirmation.

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Direct Communication with Push Messages

Reduce your SMS costs with free push messages that patients want to receive.

Push messaging is free and unlimited

Push messages to patients are free and proven to be more effective than SMS marketing.

Automate Veterinary practice marketing by scheduling push messages for set times and dates.

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Send customer messages they want to receive using direct push messaging.

Take control of your veterinary app.

Powerful App Management

Sappsuma apps for vets are managed using our powerful veterinary client management area.

Track App Usage

View in-depth analytics and reports, use this to monitor the success of your veterinary practice app and prove marketing strategy. See how many phone calls, bookings and referrals you receive.

Take Control of you Veterinary App

Instantly update treatment lists, important information, blogs and much more.

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Promote Products with Social Media

Use your existing client base to gain more customers. Encouraging happy customers to recommend you via Facebook and Twitter will result in increased business.

Incentivised recommendations

Word of mouth advertising – only better!

Our apps for vets make recommendations easy with one click to recommend and referral incentives.

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One click referrals make it easy to grow your veterinary practice.

Customers will like to see happy pets.

Incredible Features

Our apps for vets come feature packed with everything you need to market your veterinary practice.

Use our gallery to display happy customers and pets – even use the power of Instagram to upload images instantly.

Show your opening hours, location with driving directions, blog posts, events & news.

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